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Heavy haulage

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International transport

Getting your products to their destination safely.

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We specialise in managing heavy road haulage, from planning the route to securing and escorting goods to their destination. We’re a logistics partner to companies for transporting their products.
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International haulage

With our fleet of vehicles we will get your products to their destination safely. Our team of dispatchers ensures a coordinated process. Everything is organised.

Heavy haulage
Management / BF3 / BF4

Keeping the roads clear. That’s what we specialise in. We take care of everything so that your haulage goods reach their destination. Safely and on time.

Special/Direct transports
Urgent products

Some products need to get from one place to another in the shortest possible time. We arrange everything necessary and take care of it immediately. That’s our pledge.

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Member of Germany’s Federal Working Group for Heavy Haulage and Crane Work (BSK)

Environmentally friendly to your destination.

Together with ZF and IVECO, we’ve put into operation the most environmentally friendly truck currently available for transporting ZF products. From now on, products from ZF in Brandenburg, known for its high-performance transmissions for BMW, will be transported without emissions. That’s good for us and good for the environment.


Everyone said: That’s not possible.
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